Dan inovativnih materialov

TITERA je uspešno organizirala dogodek z naslovom Dan inovativnih materialov na Srednji šoli za storitvene dejavnosti in logistiko Celje na dan 04.04.2024.

Počaščeni smo, da smo imeli priložnost predstaviti rezultate projekta Hacktex in dali priložnost tekstilnim podjetjem, da predstavijo svoje delovne in proizvodne procese  mladim generacijam, ki vstopajo v tekstilno industrijo.

Hvala da ste bili z nami in hvala, da verjamete v dobre zgodbe!



VABILO: Dan inovativnih materialov

TITERA vas vabi na DAN INOVATIVNIH MATERIALOV, ki bo potekal v četrtek, 4. aprila od 10:00 do 13:00 v prostorih srednje šole za storitvene dejavnosti in logistiko, Celje.

Dogodek povezuje predstavnike slovenske tekstilne industrije in dijake zaključnih letnikov tekstilne smeri ter nudi odlično priložnost za povezovanje, izmenjavo znanj in mreženje.

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Dogodek je organiziran v sklopu projekta Hacktex.

Toplo vabljeni, da se nam pridružite!




Promotion of research, technology and Innovation


ADDTEX gathering in Athens

30-31. 1. 2024

ADDTEX project partners met again in Athens on January 30th and 31st, 2024.

The meeting started with the presentation of Work Package 3 activities and results by IDEAM

The Smart, Digital and Green Skills Academy consisting of curricula, training modules and educational resources connected to innovation in advanced textile materials and focusing on green, smart and digital transitions will be officially launched at the beginning of March 2024. Enrolment in the courses is open to textile engineers and professionals, technicians and graduates and managers and mentors. 

The meeting continued with TITERA presentations of the summer school, which will be organised in Prato during the first week of July 2024 and will be addressed to university students of  PIN, UB, UPC and TUS 

The summer school will involve students in developing solutions and prototypes to solve challenges connected to the green, smart and digital transitions. Lectures, group work, company visits, and prototyping sessions will be at the core of the programme.

The day ended with an overview of the state of the art of the different transversal activities: communication and dissemination, presented by CIAPE; and quality, presented by Cre.Thi.Dev., and management aspects presented by AEI Textils.

The second day started with an overview of WP5 which promotes collaboration between academics and industry through the establishment of HUBS inside clusters and the organisations of a Hackathon which will involve students and companies. A first idea was shared by CITEVE

The AddTex project is advancing successfully and the programme for the next months will be full of activities both for project partners and beneficiaries. 

For more information:

Website: https://www.addtex.eu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AddTexEU

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/addtex_eu/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AddTexEU

LinkedIn: https://twitter.com/AddTexEU

YouTube: //www.youtube.com/@AddTexEU">https://www.youtube.com/@AddTexEU

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EuroBoosTEX 1st open call for proposals "Individual innovate boost grant"

TITERA became the beneficiary of the 1st EuroBoosTEX call: Innovate.

Project DigiTEXlabel aims to replace care labels, which are often cut off after purchase because they are uncomfortable or unreadable after several washes, with a digital, NFC or RFID label on the textile or paper product. Project duration: 1. 9. 2023 - 31. 12. 2023



XBuild EU 1st open call for proposals "Global Vaucher"

TITERA became the beneficiary of the 1st Open Call for the Global Voucher!

project CoolShield wants to find a solution to extreme heat and body protection in the UAE.

Project duration: 1. 9. 2023 - 31. 12. 2023

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Hacktex consortium launches the Bootcamp, an intensive training course for university students!

27. 11. 2023

In a week from 13. 11 - 17. 11. 2023, the Hacktex project organised, in Borås, Sweden, an intensive training course named Hacktex Bootcamp.  The course gathered students from the 4 participating universities: Gheorghe Asachi Technical University from Romania, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya from Spain, the University of West Attica from Greece and the hosting partner, the University of Boras.

Before the intensive course, all students had access to the virtual training materials on smart textiles (MOOC) and the virtual guide on entrepreneurship focusing on smart textiles.

The program, developed previously by the Hacktex consortium, counted with several dynamic activities and challenges which mixed students from all universities. The students were divided into teams and tasked with conceptualizing smart textile products, considering their raw materials and specific technologies, as well as issues regarding product sustainability. They also identified the specifics of the main steps to develop a business model for their respective products. The ideas generated by the teams were presented and discussed. 

Other activities included a visit to a textile company in Borås, participation in the Borås Textile Days event and a visit to the textile museum at the University.

The multicultural experience of interacting with students, and the academic challenges were met with creativity, based on the knowledge from the lessons in the MOOC and the virtual guide on entrepreneurship and the possibility to attract young specialists toward the field of smart textiles represent the real gain of the HACKTEX Bootcamp.

Check out the video to figure it out!



HACKTEX Intensive Training Bootcamp


We have important information for Universities and companies! 

Hacktex project is promoting new digital education methods to open up textile engineers' skills and knowledge of smart textiles. We have created a virtual platform which is free to enrol and take part in the educational processes. Explore the video content and learn new things about smart textiles via materials prepared by EU experts, professionals and academic personnel. We would also like to invite you to stay tuned for the upcoming boot camp intensive training course which will take place at the University of Boras in Sweden later this month.

Please visit the project website for more information: https://hacktex.eu/



HACKTEX 3rd Newsletter release


We are happy to share with you that Hacktex has released its 3rd newsletter. Feel welcome to browse through useful information on the current status of our project and what are the milestones we have achieved. 

Please visit the project website for more information: https://hacktex.eu/



TITERA presented ongoing EU projects at the Symposium on Novelties in Textiles


In October, the Faculty of Naturals Sciences and Engineering, Ljubljana organized and hosted the 49th Symposium on Novelties in Textiles where TITERA took part as well.

In the light of developing innovative learning content in the area of smart textiles, TITERA presented active EU projects that focus on smart textiles which the company is taking part. We presented current work on the development and importance of implementing learning materials on smart textiles on multiple levels to broaden the general and professional knowledge of smart textiles and the smart textile industry.


ADDTEX Video preparation for the MOOC content


TITERA took part in developing materials for the MOOC in the Addtex project where we covered topics related to smart transitions. Materials were developed in three levels, targeting three different target groups from Technicians to Experts. 

In order to maintain professional, coherent and high-standard material delivery, we headed to Terassa to the UPC (Universitat Politecnica Catalunya) where we recorded videos for the upcoming MOOC.

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ADDTEX Press Release


ADDTEX consortium met again in Limerick, Ireland, on July 11th and 12th, hosted by IDEAM cluster and TUS – the Technological University of the Shannon. The meeting took place at the headquarters of the National Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC), National Technology Park.