HACKTEX - Innovative smart textiles & entrepreneurship

TITERA is participating in the HACKTEX project which aims to endow with resilience, versatility, and innovation the textile sector in Europe by addressing the gaps and mismatches detected between the academic sector and the industry.

HACKTEX project will also facilitate future new opportunities for the textile sector through the connection with other industries and their knowledge.

These goals will be addressed by the design and testing of new educational methodology tools within the involved HEIs as well as with the research on smart textiles and their multiple applications. As a result, the project will produce several innovative contents related to smart textiles and their potential applications in medicine, automotive and aeronautics, sports, personal protection, for living and building, among others.

This content will follow educational methods designed in such a way that will enable students, as future textile
sector specialists, to explore new textile applications and products as well as tackle potential barriers and limitations.



Addtex - Advancing industrial digital and green innovations in the advanced textile industry through innovation in learning and trainin

The Addtex project, which lasts from July 2022 to June 2025, is implemented with twelve partner institutions from ten European countries. TITERA was successfully included among the project partners.

The Addtex main objective is to facilitate the flow and co-creation of knowledge between higher education (HEI) and vocational education and training (VET), research, public-sector and business sector within the advanced textile materials sector to foster new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning.  In parallel, the project aims to stimulate a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial attitudes, mindsets and skills in learners, educational staff and other workers, in line with the Green Deal and Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. Addtex will also improve the quality and relevance of skills developed and certified through education and training systems.  The project will also reinforce the clusters in each region, supporting the education and training of advanced textile materials companies through linkages with HEIs and VETs.

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Launch Of European Masterclass "Innovating In Smart Textiles"

Textile ETP, in collaboration with TITERA, crafted a Europen Masterclass programme representing a 15-months learning journey, spanning 7 content modules for a total of 12 webinars. Leading technology developers, industry innovators and end-market experts across all disciplines of the European smart textiles ecosystem will share their insights and latest developments to enable you to realise the innovation potential in this growing field.

Join us here: Subscribe: Innovating in Smart Textiles Masterclass (google.com)

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WTIN Conference with the speech of Dr. Daniela ZAVEC about "Challenges in moving Smart Textiles projects from R&D Labs to Commercialisation"


TITERA at WTIN conference