We support industrial companies and development departments with our engineering know-how, well-founded scientific expertise and many years of experience in the field of textiles and wearer comfort. Whether for clothing or technical textiles, sensory or heating textiles, personal protective equipment, vehicle interiors or medicine – we provide support in the development of new products and methods.

Independent professionals for

  • support in product development using smart textiles
  • clarifying procedural issues
  • analysing innovation potential
  • making relevant research findings available to the project
  • contact mediation to R & D institutes and producers of prototypes and series production
  • feasibility studies
  • drafting, suggestions for improvement, alternative procedures
  • guidance of EU projects, approvals
  • temporary in-house work on innovative projects
  • and much more

Together with my staff and a Europe-wide network of experts, I support you along the entire textile production process through to certification. We see ourselves as a bridge between R & D organisations and industrial manufacturers – a mutually beneficial dialogue.


In-company workshops: 

  • Brainstorming for development, design & production professionals to define business needs and explore new ideas
  • Seminars on technology and the state of the art

Consulting for R & D organisations:

  • Finding companies for prototyping, production and marketing
  • Workshops: How users think and how the industry produces
  • Technology transfer, both out of and into the industry