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Effective e-innovation processes for inclusion in global smart materials chains

Public tender for the establishment or upgrade of electronic business in SMEs in the period 2019-2022 "E-BUSINESS 2019-2022"


The planned operation refers to the implementation of measures on efficient e-innovation processes for inclusion in global chains of smart materials. The topic of integration into digital marketing showrooms for various industries is discussed, which will include education and training related to upgrading existing connections with business partners at the B2B level.

The aim of the operation is to digitize the descriptions of quality parameters of smart materials, which are too diverse due to the current specifics and it is necessary to prepare a unified concept for identification for understanding at the global level. Furthermore, the purpose of the operation is training on the preparation of appropriate understanding content and structures for the overall content of the website for foreign markets and on know-how on the processes of innovation of smart materials in the form of online sales of application solutions, digitized descriptions of smart materials and preparation of professional content in foreign language for automotive, construction and textile industry.

Further, the goal of the operation is to train management staff in the field of Industry 4.0. with the aim of creating efficient business models to increase the export of the company's services and enter new markets and adapt to new standards. Professional practices that are important for establishing business in the automotive and construction industries will be discussed, with an emphasis on the quality parameters of smart materials.

The result of the operation is new designed consulting solution, which is presented in the form of a specially in-built module that offers a choice between technology validation, market analysis, industrialization, setting quality parameters and networking in the field of smart materials. The result of the operation is also a product sales video about the expanded innovative offer of advice on smart materials, which is the first of its kind in this field. The result of the operation is participation in the international web fair (Europages).

The total value of the operation is EUR 42,900.00. The value of co-financing is 70%.

Content preparation for online promotion is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

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