Planning multidisciplinary projects involves a number of challenges – from building the right team and focusing on the right goals to turning ideas into marketable products. I can help you prepare and implement innovative projects.

  • Analysing ideas’ innovation potential
  • Analysis of user needs, technological possibilities, socio-economic parameters and available resources
  • Identifying risks, innovation barriers and priorities
  • Preparation of product development oriented towards the market and series production
  • Contacts to relevant external network partners
  • Establishment of an R & D project group
  • Opportunities for public co-financing (familiarity with the world of grants for enterprises and R & D institutions in Europe)
  • Organising collaborations with partners of various professional, national, cultural and organisational backgrounds
  • Prototype creation
  • Design and usability testing
  • Help with transforming knowledge, skills and product prototypes into concrete, saleable products or processes
  • Overcoming market barriers (>standardisation)

>> Project example: R & D